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SKINFIX – organic herbal cream, a topical herbal skin recovery complex, is an innovative herbal cream concept developed with a highly refined formulation. SKINFIX – organic herbal cream will deliver those extremely satisfying results that even the most discerning consumer is looking for. SKINFIX – skincare beauty products are the culmination of our many years of experience and understanding of skin metabolism and physiology – and how skin responds to the “herbal remedy” approach. Carrying for skin, was an important concern to cultures around the world. From the oldest civilisations to the modern times, “taking care of skin” was and still is an important and for many, a daily activity. Traditionally herbs and oils were the main ingredients for this activity. We follow traditions and we offer to you, some well kept secrets by great and beautiful women in history.Beautiful glowing skin is the trademark of skin that is healthy and functional. By understanding how skin how skin lives and what it needs, we can achieve that “glow” we all are looking for.

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When visiting Australia last year I was given a jar of SKINFIX organic herbal cream developed by Ileana. I have had a painful and irritating dermatitis on one of my cheeks. I was using an expensive prescription cream to control it. When arriving back to Poland I realized, I have run out of my usual medical cream. I have tried the SKINFIX herbal one. To my amazement my skin cleared overnight. I have been using this herbal alternative ever since and I am very grateful for this cream.
Eva Daszczuk
June 18, 2018
I have lived and grown-up on a farm, northern NSW. Farm work is mostly outside in the open and as a “redhead” with sensitive skin complexion, my skin was left to the mercy of natures conditions; dust, sun, pollen and others... Over time, my skin become dry and even crusty on some parts of the body. I have used different skin creams but I was never impressed with any of them. I am now in my mid 50’s and not much I have expected until I tumbled over this SKINFIX organic herbal cream. I have try-it and my attitude towards carrying for my own skin changed. I use this cream twice a day on my face and cannot live without-it. The dryness is gone. the colour improved and some wrinkles seemed to regress. The dry patches on elbows are gone too. My skin is smoother and yes, I feel much younger. Thank you SKINFIX.
Deborah S
June 18, 2018
My sunburned nose left me maddening itchiness, refusing to heal for months. I saw the doctor who applied some dry ice to the area, that didn't help. A friend told me about Skinfix cream. I applied it 3 times a day, within 3 days the itchiness on my nose finally stopped. I now use this cream for everything.
Roula Netley
June 18, 2018
I have been using Ileana’s herbal cream for a year. It is just great for painful cuts and wounds. They heal quickly with no scaring, no need to use a Band-Aid. I would recommend this cream to anybody. You will never know unless you try.
June 18, 2018
I start shaving when I was 14. By the time I was 19, shaving become a self inflicted torture. I have tried all sorts of shaving gels, soaps, aftershaves, vintage and modern shaving paraphernalia but I always ended up with a shaving rush mostly on the neck area. It runs in the family and my father’s advise was to “learn to live with it”. To recover my skin I’ve had to wear a beard for a month or so... All that has changed when a lady friend mentioned to me about “Skinfix herbal cream”. I have use it once and I knew my life was changed. I am using now this cream as an aftershave. I cannot be more thankful to its creator and hence, it’s just herbal.
June 18, 2018

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The skin is the body’s largest organ and it’s no surprise that many of our day-to-day activities in today’s modern society can have a negative impact on your skin. Smoking, exposure to sunlight, a poor diet, and failing to properly clean your skin, particularly when removing makeup, can all lead to damage that affects your appearance and consequently how you feel about yourself.

So, being aware of the stresses placed upon their skin many people exercise skin care regimes, but the marketplace is flooded with products that make promises to heal your skin, but often these products contain elements that can do your skin more harm than good. At SKINFIX, established in Australia nearly 20 years ago, we produce a range of natural, herbal skincare products that are proven to help your skin maintain its peak condition.

With only organic ingredients, many of which are widely recognized for the benefits they give to your skin, such as Arnica, Chamomile, Marigold, and St John’s Wort amongst many others, SKINFIX skin cream is a natural way to treat your skin with the respect it deserves. Careful blending of our herbal ingredients, allowing them to work in synergy, free from harsh chemicals has created organic topical skin creams for a variety of applications.

Our therapeutic Organic Herbal Cream is a finely balanced combination of herbs that can repair your skin from the effects of modern-day living, restoring damaged skin as a result of rashes, inflammation, burns, or minor wounds, and can be effectively used as an eczema treatment cream – and for dermatitis and similar conditions. Our SKINFIX organic eczema cream is kind and gentle to your skin, bringing back a healthy metabolism, and is also gentle, ideal for use as a baby eczema cream.

Furthermore, amongst our range of herbal skin cream products, we have our organic skin cleanser, a soap-free product that can be used as a general cleanser, or for removing makeup, leaving your pores clean and bacteria-free, greatly reducing the chance of any outbreaks of acne or similar infections. But if you are looking for a general-use, organic and herbal face cream to keep your skin healthy and nourished, we offer our Rejuvenation cream which will remove blemishes and spots and also reduce the appearance of fine lines, keeping you looking and feeling your absolute best.

For many, the area around the eyes is a concern, with dark circles, puffiness, and bags all too common; but our specifically formulated and ever so gentle, non-irritating eye cream has demonstrated anti-aging reparative qualities when used on a regular basis.

Herbs have been the mainstay of many cultures’ approaches to medicine for countless generations and today more and more people are looking for herbal solutions to modern-day problems. At SKINFIX we are passionate about the use of herbs and whether you are searching for an effective herbal eczema cream or an herbal moisturizer you will find what you are looking for in our organic skincare online catalog.